Paw Tracks

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Puppy Let Outs

Puppy letouts Are you going to be out at work and need someone to check in on your puppy? I have experience and knowledge of puppy rearing and can break up your pups 'home alone' time.

If your puppy has completed his/her vaccinations then I can also include a short walk as well as feeding, cleaning up any accidents, letting your pup out to the toilet, giving them a fuss and a play and leaving them with something to chew. Stuffed Kongs are great for diverting teething puppies jaws away from your furniture and I am happy to fill them with age appropriate treats (at an additional cost) or leave your pre stuffed Kongs down as I leave.

Puppy letouts This service is also available for adult dogs, who for whatever reason cannot be taken out for a walk, including convalescing dogs or elderly dogs. I have extensive experience of dogs with mobility issues and can also administer medication during Let Outs if needed.

Lets Outs can be booked in 30 min or 1 hour slots

Puppy Socialising

Having a puppy is a time of joy and fun but it can also be stressful for new owners to get right as puppies must socialise and get used to all the things they will encounter in later life in order to grow up well adjusted, the most critical period for this is up to 16 weeks. As well as being exposed to all the sights and sounds in the house, like the washing machine, hoover, different flooring etc puppies must also meet the things that they will come across in everyday life, like crowds of people, children, wheelchairs, umbrellas, car rides etc

It is important not to flood your puppy or push them past their comfort level as this as this may make them fearful, new things should be introduced gradually and paired with a positive experience so that your puppy always feels happy and confident.

If you are unsure of how to socialise your puppy or you just can't manage the time when you are at work, I offer a socialising service where I can take your puppy to the appropriate places, always making it a fun and positive experience, which will help them grow into well adjusted adults.

Pet Sitting

Pet sitting Pet sitting I can come in daily and care for your cat or small animal while you are away. Ensuring that they stay in their own familiar surroundings and that someone is checking on them and providing fresh water, food and some love and attention every day.

I can also open/close your curtains, put your bins out and water your you the peace of mind to enjoy your holiday.

Pet Taxi

Need to get your pet to the vet or groomers? Please contact me for a quote.